The story behind my professional career starts with a simple assignment, and I’m really grateful for that… and my career is not into photography.

Based in Paris, i have two passions in life, aviation and photography. I finally started more seriously to investigate into  the photography world with the beginning of numeric camera period. I try to work on my own style : the one (and eternal) about women vision and using my own sensibility. I dont want focus into a specific domain but i try to mix between the Beauty, Fashion, Glamour (in a soft style). I still think that the photography can be used like the words to tell a story or underline some feeling at one moment. Thats a reason why you will find different kind of photography style, and moments, took with any camera (why stay to a specific one when life can bring you some opportunities to try different experiences).

One advantage of this passion about Photography is a passion for life that does not need to practice every day of your life. There are some period in life where your mood for that will change, where you will take time to do and explorer other things but at the end you often – to dont say walways – come back to a photo.

A last thing about this site, as i am french, you will find some mix in english and in french, sorry but i keep a preference for the french language and for some interesting citations too ….

Quelques passages qui m’ont accompagné

L’artiste doit aimer la vie et nous montrer qu’elle est belle. Sans lui, nous en douterions.

Sous le chaos des apparences, parmi les durées et les sites, dans l’illusion des choses qui s’engendrent et qui s’enfantent, un parmi les autres, un comme les autres, distinct des autres, semblable aux autres, un le même et un de plus, de l’infini des possibles existences, je surgis.

C’est tout un monde que chacun porte en lui ! Un monde ignoré qui naît et qui meurt en silence ! Quelles solitudes que tous ces corps humains !